Payments on professional lake:
Price for each rod:
Whole natural day - 50zł

Payments on small lake:
Price for each rod:
Whole natural day - 30zł
Day since 8:00 till sundown - 20zł
Additional prices:
Companion persons: day or natural day - 5zł
Camps and cots - 50 - 100zł
Own camp without power connect - 20zł/
Own camp with power connect - 35zł/
Carp batt borrow - 10zł
Grill borrow - 5zł
Shower - 10zł/person
Fish prices:
Crucian    20 zł/kg
Catfish     25 zł /kg

Sturgeon    45 zł/kg
Zander   35 zł/kg

Trout lake angle rules:
We do not take payments but before angle must let know owners about it. All fishes must be buyed. Lake is available since may till september.
Catfish lake angle rules:
(Best draw in this lake are white catfishes. Biggest units can be even 100kg). Angle price on this lake is 100zł for each rod per natural day. Of course there is penalty 200zł if rod is not registered. Man can not get live-bait from outside - we have it. You must angle catfishes on single hook. You mus use batt. Rush or bent mus be at least 0,40mm.